Save money with the Electra Block [September 14, 2011]

The secret is out!

Thiel Materials N.V. is introducing the new Solid 6″ Electra Block.

There is no need to jackhammer your blocks to create a space for the electrical pipes to go through the wall, the electra block already has this space in it.

This block has been specially designed to install electrical pipes without any waste of material, it saves time and money. The groove can take two 3/4″ PVC pipe. With the electra block you will be able to build better without having any waste of material.







Our clients tell us the electra block is even better, because they are also running waterlines (Copper, PVC and Polyethylene) in our blocks.

The Electra Block is also been used for installing alarm, cable, telephone, internet, and computer network cables into PVC pipes.

Available now!